Q Green Energy

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In 2013 we diversified away from pure real estate for the first time through the establishment of Q Green Energy.

Q Green Energy is a cornerstone investor in a renewable energy business, Energy 10.  Energy 10 uses a proven pyrolysis technology to produce environmentally friendly energy from non-recyclable waste.

The Energy10 process is highly efficient and produces renewable energy that can be used to meet the UK’s electricity, gas and heating needs.  The energy produced can be used as a direct replacement for fossil fuels and will contribute to the Government’s aim of ensuring secure, clean and affordable energy supplies for the UK.

The possibilities within the property industry of this renewable technology are endless.  Our objective is to incorporate our investment in Q Green Energy into development of major new housing schemes throughout London and the UK, greatly assisting the viability and sustainability of housing development, ultimately helping to meet new housing demand.



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